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MI Stories

At Millennia Institute, students cultivate a strong sense of purpose beyond self, ride on a variety of opportunities to learn to be more self-directed (autonomy), and improve on their mastery of knowledge and skills. MI Stories is a collection of stories of Millennians who demonstrate ownership of their learning experience at MI and display MI values as they achieve diverse successes. These stories forms the narrative of our school, capturing what we did yesterday, how that impacts us today, and how we can move forward tomorrow. They also serve to inspire generations of Millennians to strive for the excellence we can all achieve.

MI Mettle Journey

Class of 2019
Clarence and Clester Cher
Class of 2018
Nan Phyu Phyu Thin Dael
Class of 2017
Gwen Tan
Class of 2017
Jonathan Loh
Class of 2017
Brendan Lau
Class of 2015
Zulhaqem bin Zulkifli
Class of 2012
Issac Kau
Class of 2011
Tan Gar Leng
Class of 2009

MI Beyond Academics

Nuur Hasanah Bte Noor Azman
Class of 2020
Rachel Ng
Class of 2020
Nurliyana Bte Mohd Hisham
Class of 2020
Aljess Lee
Class of 2018, Indian Cultural Society
Arabelle Ilankovan
Class of 2018, Service Learning Club
Norman Wong
Class of 2017, SMU YIC
Samantha Foo
Class of 2017, Hockey Girls
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