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Principal's Message

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MI - A Place of Opportunity

At MI, we pride ourselves as a place of opportunity, where students are provided with various platforms to engage, explore and experience learning and growth, so as to achieve their aspirations in a world that is growing increasingly more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. When the journey gets tough and turbulent, the Institute’s core values of Integrity, Responsibility, Respect and Resilience will be their internal compass.

We are also proud to be an institute of excellence with a unique business focus. Our future-oriented curriculum and holistic teaching and learning framework will develop in students a spirit of innovation and enterprise, as well as the emerging 21st century competencies. They are empowered to seize every opportunity to take risks, learn from failures and succeed in diverse ways in a globalised and digital world, while keeping a strong Singapore heartbeat and a positive growth mindset.

Yes, we have our own success stories. Many of our students enrol in the local autonomous universities, just like students in the junior colleges and integrated programme schools. Almost all are also eligible to join private universities locally and overseas. Some of our alumni have won government scholarships, unconditional admission to SUTD, recognition as valedictorian and gold medallist of NTU, while others have graduated magna-cum-laude from SMU and the NUS University Scholars Programme.

Check us out as you navigate your way around our website. Come visit us at our campus. Let us help you chart your journey towards your aspiration with greater autonomy, mastery and purpose!

Tan Wan Yu
Principal, Millennia Institute