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A Resilient Footballer and Student Leader

In my three years in MI, I had many memorable moments but my proudest moments had to be when I received my A-level results and when my football team finished in the top 4 position in the 2018 National Schools 'A' Division Football Championships.

Going for every night study session and staying back to revise while juggling my different commitments were at times very difficult but to know that I was able to pull through makes me really proud of myself. I enjoyed leading as I was not only able to develop and hone my leadership skills but working with like-minded leaders to see through an event from the planning phase to its execution was very meaningful work.

I faced a number of challenges when I came to MI, which really tested my mental resilience especially in the classroom. When I found out that my mother had been diagnosed with an incurable illness, my motivation to study suffered a huge hit as my mother was my main source of motivation.

Another challenge was juggling the many commitments that came along with being a student leader. The various deadlines and expectation to be exemplary was hard as I had to give up much of my personal time. However, knowing that my work was worthwhile gave me the added drive to keep pushing. Through all of this, I was able to depend on the values of resilience and responsibility inculcated since young.

Resilience to me was enduring the hits that life kept giving and chasing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Responsibility taught me to be accountable, which spurred me to put in my best effort to produce quality work and results.

However, I would not have achieved any of my accolades without the help of my teachers and friends in MI. My teachers went the extra mile to ensure that I was able to maximise my potential and overcome my setbacks be it through having extra consultations, extending a listening ear or offering words of advice. My friends gave me a much needed respite from the pressures of being a student leader.

In my time in MI, I lived by the mantra "Tired is a state of mind". It helped me endure and push through when it seemed I could not persevere anymore. To my juniors, I hope this mantra helps you stay the course when the going gets tough.