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Tan Gar Leng

Chasing Your Dreams

Hi, I’m Tan Gar Leng. I am currently working as a Producer at Mediacorp Chinese News and Current Affairs. I graduated from Millennia Institute in 2009. Before I entered MI, I was unsure of the path I should take in life. During my years in MI, the wide array of activities turned my life right around and was a key stepping stone to success for me.

I was part of the Talent Management Programme where I had the opportunity to attend courses and trainings in my field of interest – media and communications. It helped me strengthen the skills which were quintessential in allowing me to fulfil my potential. Being actively engaged in my CCA allowed me to develop my passion for Chinese Drama and the Arts into my strength. While some people were skeptical about me pursuing a profession that requires strong proficiency in Chinese language, I realised that it is valuable to consider different perspectives offered by friends but also important to have faith in the pursuit of my passion and press on.

Representing Singapore in the First Chinese Bridge Competition was one of my proudest memories in MI. That opportunity allowed me to achieve something beyond my imagination as I clinched the first prize, and was awarded a full scholarship to pursue a degree abroad. My teachers were the ones who never stopped believing in me, always encouraging me to be resilient in the face of adversities and challenges. These values have impacted my life beyond MI, especially when I had to adapt to the new environment when studying abroad. I was often asked to explain my choice in spending seven years in China. Till today, my decision and answer remains the same. This journey of discovering and growing my passion in the Chinese Language began when I was in MI, and when it comes to fulfilling your dreams, never vacillate.

After acquiring my undergraduate degree from Shandong University in China, I returned to Singapore and continued to do what I love as I pursued my dream of working as a broadcast journalist with Mediacorp Chinese Radio News Department. Thereafter, my thirst for knowledge and desire to constantly improve myself prompted me to take on a full Chinese Government Scholarship to pursue a Master Degree in Broadcast Communications at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. These life experiences were truly an eye-opener and have allowed me to become better equipped for future challenges.

MI has nurtured me to achieve success, and to become who I am today. I am proud to be a Millennian, and grateful for the kaleidoscopic view of life the school has ingrained in me.

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