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MI Experience

Millennia Institute seeks to be a place of opportunity for students to establish a connection between what is happening in the real world and learning within the classrooms. Our vision to establish a forward-looking community of Learners, Thinkers, Leaders underpins how we organise campus life at MI.


MI offers students a place to develop cognitive competencies necessary and relevant for future university studies and employment opportunities, beyond academic mastery. We want our learners to develop a passion for life and for learning, and to understand that learning does not stop at formal education. We aim at motivating the students and equipping them with the necessary attitudes and strategies for life-long learning, so they can direct their own learning even after they have graduated from the Institute.


Beyond the classroom and learning of academic subjects, the Institute believes that a student should be provided with experiences and opportunities that allow them to become future-ready thinkers who are prepared to succeed not just in the university,  but also in the  globalised workplace. To this end, MI seeks to develop students’ 21st Century Competencies through the total curriculum, so that students become critical and inventive thinkers who can connect their ideas and learning to new contexts beyond the classroom. MI seeks to inculcate creativity and an innovative mindset in our students through programmes that foster the spirit of entrepreneurship. Our teachers also work closely with parents and the community to provide learning environments for students to grow holistically in order to fulfil their potential.


Students at MI are being moulded to be leaders of good character and strong values. Through infusing leadership development intentionally  in all that we do, students learn self-leadership by embracing and exhibiting the Institute’s core values and by developing positive Habits of Mind for good performance and development of character. When students put these values and habits into action in their academic  pursuits and beyond, they achieve personal growth in their capacity to achieve self-mastery and personal effectiveness. We believe that  every MI student can be developed as a leader who will contribute positively to the society, and every MI student should be developed as leader of self, team and community.