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MI Identity

Millennia Institute Logo

The logo symbolises the four vertical lines of the letters 'M' and 'I' which represent 'Millennia' and ' Institute' respectively, and translates them into four arcs.

The blue arc acts as the firm foundation for the other three arcs to pivot or propel themselves forward. It also signifies the strong values of integrity and resilience, respect and responsibility that are cultivated within each individual in Millennia Institute.

The largest red arc sheltering the smallest red arc on the right captures the close relationship between teachers and students, in which the teachers act as mentors, supporters and motivators. The red arc on the left signifies the management and support staff playing an auxiliary albeit significant role in the Institute.

As a holistic entity, the logo is a 3-dimensional sculpture, each arc is distinctive and unique in design but in synergy, they form a dynamic force, both confident and optimistic.

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