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SkillsFuture Programme

The MI SkillsFuture Programme (SFP) is an integral part of the Institute’s Total Curriculum that seeks to nurture future-ready individuals, who will become the learners, thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

To prepare pre-university students to navigate the new world, the SFP develops their growth mindset, motivates agency for deep learning and builds other key competencies necessary for lifelong learning. Fundamentally, students are given the autonomy to chart their growth and mastery, while teachers facilitate their journeys in uncovering personal strengths and provide opportunities to transfer learning between the SFP and relevant academic as well as non-academic areas.

The SkillsFuture Programme aims to develop self-motivated students by:
- Equipping students with the necessary mindsets and competencies for lifelong learning;
- Providing opportunities for the deepening and transferring of relevant skills to academic and non-academic areas;
- Enabling students to make informed decisions about their learning and future career pathways.

Focus Areas

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  • Discover: Adapting Mindsets, Growing Strengths
The SFP lays the foundation for PU1 students to identify personal areas of strengths and growth by emphasising Growth Mindset, multiple intelligences and the importance of applying effective effort through practising the Habits of Mind. Through relevant programmes and other facilitated platforms, these positive mindsets and habits will be reinforced for students’ learning.

  • Innovate: Broadening Perspectives, Developing Solutions
Another cornerstone of the SFP modules lies in developing info-literacy skills and utilising the human-centred, iterative process of Design Thinking to sharpen students’ critical thinking abilities and encouraging them to ideate solutions for real-world problems. Holistically, these skills and competencies are quintessential to lifelong learning and also highly applicable to Project Work at the PU2 level.

  • Pursue: Exploring Interests, Deepening Passions
The PU3 SFP’s Education and Career Guidance focus guides students in making informed decisions in charting their next course of study and career pathways. Students are given the opportunities to attend talks by professionals and industry experts as well as take part in learning journeys to gain broader perspectives about prospective fields of study and career options. The SFP also supports and synergises with other key Institute programmes to promote students’ exploration of interests and pursuit of mastery, towards the goals of achieving deeper learning, complex thinking and advocacy for the good of society.