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MI.World Programme

The Internationalisation Programme, MI.World, was conceptualised in 2008 to equip MI students with a global perspective. These educational overseas trips allow students to experience authentic learning beyond geographical boundaries, network with their peers overseas and enable them to make connections between what they learnt in the classroom and the real world. To expose students to community work and service-learning, the Overseas Values In Action (OVIA) programme forms a complementary component in the Institute’s Internationalisation Programme.

With globalisation, the need to possess multi-cultural literacy skills is important and the driving force behind MI.World is experiential learning. As such, the knowledge, skills and values imparted to our students are central in the planning of MI.World trips. This structured reflective learning is in tandem with our Institute’s strategic thrust of developing Future-Ready Thinkers through developing global awareness and cross-cultural skills in all Millennians. It also allows our students to develop an awareness of Singapore’s position and place in the global arena and be better equipped to be ambassadors of the Institute and of Singapore.

We envision our students to possess the relevant skills to interact and engage with a network of peers across geographical boundaries beyond their time in MI.

Programme Objectives

With globalisation, the need to possess multi- cultural literacy is important and MI.World was conceptualised to develop in students a greater awareness about the world around them through
  • Educational and Immersion Programmes
  • Learning Journeys

Key Components in Programme

  • Reflective learning
To formalise their learning, students are required to pen their reflections about their trip on a daily basis. They should highlight what they have learnt about the host country with regard to its culture, language, lifestyle and aspirations. Students should also include how the trip has influenced their perceptions about their own country and its place in a globalised world.

  • Cultural appreciation and understanding
The best way to learn is not just to read or listen but to experience and be immersed. Hence, students are given opportunities to interact with citizens of the countries they visit, and experience their ways of life. Such interactions will develop students’ understanding and perceptions of another country, and also develop in them a desire to contribute to the well-being of the international community.

MI World Programme-1new.png
We were extremely grateful to Shanghai Zhenhua Foreign Trade Professional School for arranging the wonderful MI.World Shanghai Programme for 26 students and teachers of MI.
MI World Programme-2new.png
MI students had an engaging session at one of the E-Commerce organisations in Shanghai. They witnessed how doctors conducted online prescription via video cams with their clients.
MI World Programme-3.jpg
India Trip: MI.World cultural programme; teachers and students at Vijayawada Airport.
MI World Programme-4.jpg
Vietnam Trip: Student discussion at Vietnam University in Hanoi, Faculty of Tourism Studies.