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Amethyst Talent Programme

In line with the Institute’s Mission to “Nurture Talents, Achieve Success”, the Amethyst Talent Programme is designed to provide more support for the holistic development of students who have shown good aptitude in academic studies and/or talents in specialised areas (e.g. sports, arts). It also seeks to motivate and support students to work towards scholarship eligibility and strive for greater excellence in their area(s) of talent.

Students are invited to join the programme at the end of their PU1 or PU2 year, based on their conduct, academic performance and performance in area of talent in specialised areas (if applicable). They also need to meet conduct and academic benchmarks to continue on the programme.

Development of students in the Amethyst Talent Programme centres around four focus areas: (1) Understanding Self (2) Leadership Development (3) Civic & Global Awareness (4) Understanding University and Scholarship Landscape.

Besides programmes customised for ATP, students are also encouraged to leverage existing platforms for talent development (e.g. co-curricular activities and student leadership development) to enrich their learning.

Focus Area
Customised Programmes and Opportunities
Understanding Self
Participate in group session facilitated by an Education and Career Guidance Counsellor. This session seek to support students to better understand themselves so that they can make good decisions on education and career options.
Leadership Development
Opportunities to initiate Values-in-action (VIA) activities in the school to hone leadership skills.
Civic & Global Awareness
Gain deeper insights into key current and emerging issues to allow students to better understand Singapore's challenges and opportunities, as well as decision-making at the national level. Platforms include:

  • Fireside chats with external speakers on civic, cultural and/or global issues;
  • Reading programmes and discussion on topics such as Singapore's future and meritocracy; and
  • Learning journeys, e.g to the Internal Security Department Heritage Centre
Understanding university and scholarship landscape
Participate in learning journey(s) to talent programmes hosted by Institutes of Higher Learning (e.g University Scholars Programme by National University of Singapore).

Why Amethyst?

The amethyst is a gemstone that endures intense amounts of heat to emerge as a beautiful sparkling gem. Likewise, students in the programme (the gems) have shown Resilience in their pursuit of excellence and earned the Respect of their peers. Furthermore, the amethyst is purple in colour, which is formed from blue and red – these two colours are also the Institute colours. The amethyst is an embodiment of the MI spirit and it represents the pinnacle of what MI students can achieve. Each student (gem) in the programme will be further nurtured to uphold the values of Integrity and Responsibility, shine bright and stand tall on his or her own, and ultimately to bring glory to Millennia.