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The Millennia Institute's Mathematics Department aims to:

  • Equip students with quantitative analysis and problem solving skills in Pure Mathematics and Statistics to support their university study;
  • Develop self-directed and inquisitive learners who aspire to be exposed to the mathematical way of thinking; and
  • Develop critical and inventive thinkers with the mathematical knowledge and skills to solve problems in the real-world context.

Key Programmes:

  • Enrichment Programme that exposes students to learning and experiencing Mathematics beyond the A-Level curriculum, including:
    • Mathematics competitions
    • Learning Journeys
    • Tea Talks
    • Team Based Learning
    • Productive Failure
    • ICT-enabled lessons
  • Mathematics Bridging Programme for H2 students without GCE O-Level Additional Mathematics.
  • Inculcating 21st century skills such as critical and inventive thinking, communication, collaboration and information skills, via pedagogies such as:
    • Team Based Learning
    • Productive Failure
    • ICT-enabled lessons