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General Paper - To develop students to:

  • Understand better the world in which they live by fostering a critical awareness of continuity and change in the human experience;
  • Appreciate the inter-relationship of ideas across disciplines;
  • Broaden their global outlook while enabling them to remain mindful of shared historical, social and cultural experiences both within Singapore and regionally;
  • Have the maturity of thought and apply critical reading and creative thinking skills;
  • Have the skills of clear, accurate and effective communication;
  • Have the skills of evaluation of arguments and opinions;
  • Have the ability to carry out extensive and independent reading and research.

Literature - To develop students to:

  • Have an appreciation of, and informed personal response to, Literature in English;
  • Have a love of reading through exposure to a wide range of texts;
  • Have the ability to read texts independently;
  • Understand the historical and cultural contexts for literary production;
  • Understand the nature and methods of literary study;
  • Have the skills of critical literary analysis;
  • Have the ability to communicate ideas effectively and persuasively.

Key Programmes:

General Paper -

  • English Learning Support Programme for selected students
  • IT Research Projects
  • Pre-University Seminar
  • Inter-disciplinary lectures
  • Skills and Content Lectures (PU3)

Literature -

  • Bridging Lessons for first time Literature students
  • Enrichment Journeys to expand literary appreciation by allowing for learning to be experiential and exploratory
  • Workshops and Guest Lecturers to provide students with alternative perspectives to issues and make learning more interactive
  • Learning Journeys and viewing of Plays
  • Student-led Panel Discussions
  • Creative Writing Competitions
  • Text-based IT Projects