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At Millennia Institute, students cultivate a strong sense of purpose beyond self, ride on a variety of opportunities to learn to be more self-directed (autonomy), and improve on their mastery of knowledge and skills. MI Stories is a collection of stories of Millennians who demonstrate ownership of their learning experience at MI and display MI values as they achieve diverse successes. These stories forms the narrative of our school, capturing what we did yesterday, how that impacts us today, and how we can move forward tomorrow. They also serve to inspire generations of Millennians to strive for the excellence we can all achieve.

Aljess Lee (Indian Cultural Society)

The only non-Indian in Indian Dance, Aljess shares how she overcame the many obstacles and together with the other members of her CCA, went on to clinch a Certificate of Distinction at the 2017 Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation. This experience motivated her to be more forward-looking and resilient in her educational pursuits.

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Arabelle Ilankovan (Read With Me - Service Learning Club)

Students from Millennia Institute Service-Learning Club participated in the Delta Senior School Reading Programme - Read with Me. The positive attitude and passion in the students from Delta Senior School taught our MI students to embrace the ‘never give up’ spirit. On behalf of the other members, Arabelle shares about this memorable experience that changed her perspectives in life.

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Brendan Lau

Juggling the challenges of hearing impairment, schoolwork and CCA commitments was tough. This would not be possible without resilience and strong support from friends and teachers. Brendan Lau, with the help of Lena Loke, his classmate at Millennia Institute, shares his experience in overcoming the challenges to score five distinctions in his A Levels. 

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Clarence and Clester Cher

When twin brothers Clarence and Clester Cher were in their first year in Millennia Institute, they struggled with their studies and had issues with absenteeism and late-coming. With hard work and support from the teachers, the brothers overcame their learning difficulties and did well in their A Levels.  

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Gwen Tan

Having to repeat her first school year, Gwen stayed resilient and determined to work towards her aspirations. She demonstrated her resolve to be diligent and balanced her academic and co-curricular activities well. Her hard work paid off. In her A level examination, Gwen scored two As, a vast improvement from the grades she got in her first promotional exam four years prior.

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Issac Kau

Issac forged close relationships with his teachers and classmates in Millennia Institute. This created a supportive and conducive learning environment for him, which played an important role in his successes in this A level journey. Issac shares how his experience in MI have grown him into a more matured and confident individual.

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Jonathan Loh

Staying disciplined and celebrating the small successes along the way helped Jonathan Loh to achieve his goals at the A Levels. Jonathan shares his experience in overcoming his challenges through his willpower in his pursuit for excellence. 

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Norman Wong (SMU Youth Innovation Challenge)

Norman and his team mates exhibited the spirit of entrepreneurial dare as they competed in the 2017 SMU Youth Innovation Challenge. They came up with ZEUS, a product that converts the kinetic energy generated from throwing rubbish down the chutes in high-rise buildings to electrical energy, thus generating electricity. Clinching the Best Innovation Award (Technology) was a celebration of their teamwork and resilience.

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Samantha Foo (Hockey Girls)

With most of the members having no prior experience in hockey, clinching 2nd place at the 2017 National School Games ‘A’ Division Hockey  was astounding. Samantha, one of the Hockey players, shares the transformative experience she had in Hockey that moulded her into a better person.

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Tan Gar Leng 

Her thirst for knowledge and desire to constantly improve herself prompted Gar Leng to pursue a Master Degree in Broadcast Communications at Fudan University in Shanghai, China. These experiences broadened her perspectives and equipped her with the skills to overcome future challenges. Gar Leng shares her journey of discovering and growing her passion in the Chinese Language. 

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Nan Phyu Phyu Thin Dael

Entrepreneur and Recipient of the Design Singapore Council Scholarship

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Nuur Hasanah Bte Noor Azman

A Science Enthusiast

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Zulhaqem bin Zulkifli

Our Institute Gives Us Strength

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A Resilient Footballer and Student Leader

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Rachel Ng

A Servant Leader

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