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Student Management


Millennia Institute’s Core Values of Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and  Integrity form the basis of the Institute Rules.  These rules aim to set a standard of behaviour expected of all students to maintain a conducive environment for learning within the Institute and so that they may lead civil and respectable lives in society. 

Every student in MI matters.  In this regard, there is a need to foster a spirit of cooperation and to observe these rules that are for the good of all. 

1. Flag-raising Ceremony

Purpose   This observance ceremony promotes reverence and projects our sense of pride and loyalty to the State and Institute.  Any disrespectful behaviour during the ceremony would be considered a serious offence.

The Institute shall assemble punctually at  0755 hours daily for teachers to perform minor administrative duties and for the flag-raising ceremony.  The National Anthem shall be sung and the pledge solemnly taken.  The Institute Song is sung on Mondays.

All students who are Singapore citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.  All Millennia Institute students must sing the Institute Song.

2. Attire and General Appearance

Purpose   Our students are ambassadors of the Institute and therefore represent the Institute to the general public.  As such, our students must demonstrate a strong sense of discipline, decency and propriety through proper conduct and dressing so as to uphold the reputation of the Institute.

The standard uniform consists of light-blue shirt and trousers for male students and light-blue blouse and skirt for female students.  The uniform is to be worn during lessons, Institute activities and official school functions.   On Saturdays and during school holidays, students may be attired in half-uniform i.e. Institute PE or House T-shirts and trousers/skirts.

All students must wear the prescribed school uniform and any unauthorised modification, such as tapered trousers for the males and short skirts for females, is not allowed.  Non-school T-shirts worn under the Institute shirt or blouse must be plain and white.

Tattoos on any part of the body is strictly not allowed. 

All male students must be clean shaven and not sport facial hair.

The carrying and wearing of expensive items is discouraged as they may invite theft.

3. Attendance and Punctuality

Purpose   Good attendance is essential for academic progress and characterises a responsible person.  Punctuality is also a vital work ethic associated with successful people.

Attendance is compulsory at the flag-raising ceremonies, assemblies, academic and co-curricular lessons, as well as official Institute functions.

Students who are absent from lessons or Institute functions must submit a medical certificate (MC) on the next working day. MC from a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner is not acceptable. 

Students are not allowed to leave the Institute before 1250 hours without permission.  Applications for early departure from the Institute must be made on the Student Early Leave Form, which requires authorisation by the Principal or a Head of Department and the Home Tutor.  Parental consent, endorsed by the Home Tutor, is mandatory.

If a student is unwell, he/she shall inform the Home Tutor or relevant Subject Tutors. He/She will proceed to the general office and the parents/guardian will be informed. The student will be granted early leave from the institute to seek medical attention.

A student who is seriously ill should notify his/her Home Tutor or any other available teacher.  The General Office and the student’s parent or guardian will be contacted accordingly.

Persistent absence without valid reasons and frequent late-coming are serious offences that Home Tutors will bring to the attention of parents.  Attendance and punctuality data shall be documented in Result Slips and Personal Profiles as references for future educational institutions, prospective employers and other relevant authorities. 

4. General Behaviour

Purpose: Students should conduct themselves responsibly so that all can benefit from a pleasant and conducive learning environment.  More significantly, they should strive to become morally upright citizens who respect authority.

All rules pertaining to the use of the Institute’s resources, facilities and equipment, and rules governing CCA groups are to be complied with.  Students are expected to use Institute property responsibly.

Students are expected to maintain orderliness during all activities.

The indiscriminate use of personal electronic devices by students is strictly disallowed during lesson and assembly.  The Institute reserves the right to confiscate these devices.  Subsequently, the devices can be reclaimed only by the student at 6pm on the same day at the general office.

All students are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring any weapon-like item which is used or intended to be used to cause harm to others.

The following offences are considered serious and may render offenders liable for expulsion:

  • Any behaviour that is prejudicial to the maintenance of good order;
  • Bullying
  • Cheating during tests/examinations;
  • Forging of Medical Certificates or altering other official documents;
  • Gambling
  • Possession of contrabands;
  • Possession of weapon or weapon-like item. 
  • Possession/Consumption of alcoholic drinks, drugs and/or cigarettes;
  • Theft and Vandalism;
  • Truancy;
  • Willful disobedience or repeated tardiness in submitting assignments.

5. Cleanliness, Safety and Use of Utilities in the Institute

Purpose:   It is the responsibility of every student to keep the school clean and pleasant as this helps all to enjoy a comfortable and conducive learning environment.

Littering mars the appearance and lowers the hygiene standards of the Institute.  All litter must therefore be properly disposed of.

In the canteen, students should clear all utensils and containers from the tables after use.  There should be no eating or drinking in any classroom or resource room like the library and lecture rooms.

To conserve energy, lights and fans should be switched off before a room is vacated.

Any defect or damage to Institute property should be promptly reported to the General Office.

Students are to seek permission before notices are posted on walls or notice boards.

For the security of students, no overnight stay on Institute premises is permitted unless organised by a teacher with parental consent and approval from the Principal.

Persons who are neither students nor staff of Millennia Institute must not be invited to the premises, participate in any Institute activity, instruct or address students without approval from the Principal.

6. Sales and Fund Raising Activities

All fund-raising activities must be approved by the Principal.

The Principal’s approval must also be sought before any sale of items or posting of advertisements promoting such sales can take place within the school.