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SkillsFuture Programme

The MI SkillsFuture Programme (SFP) is a school-based programme designed for all levels of students, in light of the national movement of SkillsFuture and to develop the necessary competencies for the 21 st century. The SkillsFuture Programme aims to:

  • Equip students with the necessary competencies for life-long learning,

  • Provide a common platform for the deepening and transfer of these skills to academic subjects and non-academic areas, and

  • Enable students to make informed decisions about their career and learning pathways.

The following diagram shows the various modules for different levels:

SFP 2020


SFP Module


Growth Mindset and Design Thinking  


Info-literacy and Interview skills


Education and Career Guidance



Strategic Thrust 1: Quality Student Outcomes

LTG1.2 Develop Future-Ready Thinkers

Students acquire the critical thinking, communication skills, learning strategies and growth mindset necessary for the 21 st century world.

Learning Experiences

The lessons for SFP are deliberately designed to actively engage students in the application of 21st century skills as well as to provide experiential learning experiences. Students will have multiple opportunities to transfer learning from SFP to their subject areas and outside of the classroom. Teachers will also continually help students see the connections between skills learnt in SFP to authentic experiences in their subject areas.