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Leadership Development Programme


 “It takes a whole village to raise a child.” At MI, we believe that leadership is everybody’s business.

Inculcating values and guiding principles in students are the duties of each and everyone of us. With that in mind, we have put together a framework that we believe can help in nurturing leadership competencies in every student. The framework is based on the 21st Century Competency Framework. Students go through differentiated levels of training and mentoring to prepare them for different levels of leadership responsibilities. As part of the developmental process, students are given opportunities to take up formal and ad-hoc appointments. Formative feedback is also provided through an assessment tool which is administered by teachers.


Students go through a self-reflective journey to understand what is involved in leadership, and to assess and develop their own abilities. They grow to be more confident and ready to be leaders of today and tomorrow. 


Strategic Thrust 1: Quality Student Outcomes

To developing Leaders of Character and Values.

Institute Core Values:

  • Respect
  • Resilience
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity



This diagram depicts the various focuses over three years of development.

Self-leadership   sets the foundation for developing leadership potential by focusing on self-mastery and personal effectiveness. It entails developing in students the desire, confidence and capacity to take ownership of one’s own growth and learning based on keen knowledge of self.

Team leadership   focuses on developing the students’ social skills of influence such that they are able to lead others with competence and care. A successful team leader strikes a good balance between being people-oriented and task-oriented; he or she inspires productive team performance towards a common goal, by enabling members to see how they can collaborate and contribute meaningfully to the task.

Community and Citizen Leadership   focuses on honing students’ capacities to influence and create value through quality insight and innovation, particularly focusing on positive change to society. Students are able to apply fresh perspectives to authentic tasks that are critical to achieving positive outcomes for the society.


Student-Initiated School Activities

Platforms are provided for student leaders at school level and beyond, to develop and hone their leadership skills through engagement in authentic projects. Student leaders are guided by teacher mentors to conceptualise and organise school activities and events such as Orientation, A-Division Cheering, Teachers’ Day, Total Defense Day, and National Day. Other opportunities to develop students as community and citizen leaders include participation in Keep Singapore Clean movement and National Day Parade.


Orientation programme

Council Camp

One objective of the leadership training programme is to sharpen students’ skills to lead and influence the general student body positively. This is conducted and facilitated by PU2 councillors for PU1 interns through the experiential learning activities. Focus is for students to grow skills and competencies in the domain of Team Leadership.


Annual Council Camp

Student Leaders’ Overseas Camp

This annual camp in Malaysia exposes potential CCA leaders to experiential activities and cultural exchange with another school. It aims to develop leadership competencies and 21st Century Competencies (Manages complexities and ambiguities & communicate and collaborate effectively). Students engage in outdoor team building activities to strengthen their teamwork, communication and management skills. After the trip, students extend their learning when they apply these skills in planning and executing their CCA action plans.


Annual Student Leadership Camp