NE Programme

Key Highlights

  • Commemoration of National Education (NE) events
The four core NE events (i.e. Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day) are linked to four defining moments of Singapore history. Commemoration of these events promote multicultural and social awareness among students, and contribute to efforts to nurture them into responsible citizens with the senses of belonging, hope, reality and the will to act.

  • Experiential Learning Journeys, Dialogue Sessions and Discussion of Contemporary Issues
These experiences aim to deepen students’ understanding of Singapore’s policies and principles of governance. They help students to better understand and appreciate how Singapore has overcome her constraints to achieve First World standing, as well as her current achievements and challenges. In addition, discussion of contemporary issues during Home Tutor Period creates space for students to understand the facts of an issue and make sense of the different perspectives around it.