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Innovation & Enterprise Programme


The Innovation & Enterprise (I&E) programme promotes critical and inventive thinking, as well as the spirit and culture of innovation and enterprise.  Activities are designed to develop thinking skills in students; to encourage students to become resourceful and adaptable in finding unique solutions to problems and this is made possible when students begin to have a strong sense of empathy for the users of the products or services. Equipped with these important skills and competencies, it is hoped that students will not hesitate to take calculated risks to increase their chances of success in their ventures. These skills and competencies will provide students with a competitive edge that will enable them to thrive in a dynamic and rapidly changing global landscape.


Innovation & Enterprise (I&E) Programme aims to:

  • Encourage students to develop innovative and entrepreneurial  ideas through authentic learning experiences;
  • Imbue students with the zeal to seize opportunities in the market place;
  • Engage students in entrepreneurial risk taking and learning from failure;
  • Raise awareness of social causes among students.


Strategic Thrust 1: Quality Student Outcomes
To develop future-ready Thinkers.

Students develop critical and inventive thinking skills by working on innovative and entrepreneurial ideas. 

Institute Core Values:

    • Resilience: Students learn to work to achieve their goals even under challenging circumstances.
    • Respect: Students learn to value each other’s points of views.
    • Responsibility: Students learn to be responsible for achieving their aspirations and building meaningful relationships with others. 


A wareness Segment

Assembly talks and workshopsare conductedto introducestudentsto the I&E programme and to equip students with financial literacy.


PU1 students acquire skills on conductingmarket research and communicate their findings as part of the Business Proposal Challenge. Students subsequently present their proposals for feedback, improvement and judging.

Innovation Segment

PU1 students acquire product innovation techniques and use them to generate prototypes and take part in the MI Mart- A Marketplace of Ideas where there will be showcasing of all the product ideas. Teams with the best ideas will take part in the MI Innovative Product Challenge.

Project Management

Good and viable projects will be given guidance in improving their product ideas and prototypes and will be ear-marked for further development and submission for external competitions.


• Design Thinking & its Applications 

A Design Thinking workshop aimed at developing innovative and creative thinking is organised for all PU1 students. They are exposed to design thinking processes such as explore, discern, ideation, prototype and test.Through the workshop, students will understand that an important aspect of designing is developing empathy for the end users.After the workshop, students will form groups and use their design thinking skills to contribute ideas towards school improvement projects or projects with social causes, including green initiatives. The proposals could be social innovation or social entrepreneurship in nature.

PU2 students will apply Design Thinking skills in their Project Work. Students will be encouraged to use these tools whenever opportunities arise during their CCAs, class projects, etc.  

• MI Ideas

The main purpose of this project is to encourage inventive thinking and solution-finding. Students are encouraged to offer suggestions on ways to improve school programmes. This gives the students opportunities to exercise and demonstrate their inventive skills besides taking greater ownership in school improvement.

• MI Social Bazaar

The MI Social Bazaar is a student-run bazaar organised by the E-club that aims to raise funds for charities while promoting the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students.


• National Cashflow Competitions: 2016 (8 Finalists), 2015 (2 Semi-Finalists), 2014 (8 Finalists)

• HDB-ASME NUS Cool Ideas Students’ Design Competitions: 2016 (1 team), 2015 (2 teams), 2014 (2 nd Prize)

2014 HDB Cool Ideas Competition winners : Teo Lip Yan (13S1), Nicholas  Witjaksono (13S1), Dicson Candra Wijaya (13S2) and Darren (13S3) had clinched the second prize (guided by teacher mentor Ms Chan Puisan)