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Education and Career Guidance


Education and Career Guidance (ECG)  in MI is an engaging programme that helps students to make the right decisions and complete their preparation for future success in life. This could take the form of a career choice or a course option beyond the A-Level examination. The programme aims to heighten students’ sense of purpose and motivation and to help them make the most of their time in MI as part of their continuing journey in realising their career aspirations.

From their first week at MI, our students gain a head start as they are encouraged to reflect and develop a deeper understanding of their career interests, abilities and values through our Mapping MI Future (MMF) programme. This is done through a structured career profiling process during which students convert the results of a personality test into individualised RIASEC codes and use them to develop their career aspirations. Students then go on to learn more about the university courses most suited to their career aspirations, the pre-requisites for admission to these courses and from there identify the subjects they should be studying at MI accordingly.  In this way, students are provided with a structured framework to help them work towards realistic goals and make well-informed decisions on their future career options.  Students are provided with constant feedback about their progress and career planning throughout their three years in MI. Our MI Action Plan (MAP) programme helps students to keep their career aspirations constantly in mind throughout their journey in the Institute through target setting exercises, mentoring from home tutors as well as counselling sessions by our ECG Counsellor. The following activities and programmes help our students build their portfolios as well as provide an enriching developmental experience.


In alignment with Strategic Thrust 1, the programme aims to achieve academic excellence by helping students gain admission to local autonomous universities as well as help them develop positive mind-sets for academic success. Beginning with this end in mind, students are encouraged to review their aspirations which are then translated into a personal roadmap under MAP that summarises their personal work values, interests and abilities. Students are then provided with opportunities for experiential learning and further career planning guidance.

The activities and programmes in MI aim to develop students to be engaged and responsible in making informed decisions in their career planning. This is done by increasing their:

• Self-awareness through personality and career profiling as well as engaging in various activities and programmes;

• Social awareness through our Job Experience Programme as well as the Open Houses of the various Institutes of Higher Learning;

• Self-management and responsible decision-making through setting targets and regular reviews of their actions in achieving those targets; 

• Relationship management through Orientation, Values In Action (VIA) programme, Healthy Lifestyle Day, and Gap Week programmes.

By the end of their time in the Institute, the programme would have helped our students attain the following values:

• Responsibility in achieving their aspirations and establishing meaningful relationships with others;

• Resilience in working consistently to achieve their goals even under challenging circumstances;

• Respect in terms of how they view their own capabilities and potentials and according this same respect to others.