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Department: Humanities

  • To develop students into self-directed learners with the capacity to learn new areas quickly and independently;
  • To develop students’ cross-cultural literacies so that they are able to collaborate across cultures seamlessly to solve problems; and
  • To develop students’ way of seeing so that they are better equipped to understand the local, regional and global forces around them 

Key Programmes:
  • The four subjects under the Humanities department are built around two key ideas. "The World is my classroom" exemplifies the school's belief that experiential learning encounters play a major role in opening students' minds.
  • "The World in my classroom" reflects the centrality of global awareness and international engagement in the way Art, China Studies in English, Geography and History subjects are explored. Syllabus content is made relevant and current through constant reference to case studies, while differentiated activities and assessments encourage students to stay connected and informed about the way their learning is brought to life in the real world