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Character and Citizenship Education


The character development of every child is critical in nurturing him/her to be a responsible and concerned citizen of Singapore. It is with this emphasis on character and citizenship development that the Institute aims to instil sound values and build competencies in students and promote activism for social and/or environmental causes in Singapore and beyond.



The Character and Citizenship Education Programme aims to develop students who demonstrate: 
• Care for and contribute actively towards improving the lives of others;
• The ability to reflect on and respond to community, national and global issues;
• Socio-cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural literacy skills; and
• Civic responsibility and appreciation for our national identity.



Strategic Thrust 1: Quality Student Outcomes
To develop Character, Sound Values, Civic Literacy, Global Awareness and Cross-cultural Skills.

Institute Core Values:
To develop positive Habits of Mind for Performance Character and Active Citizenry, the Institute provides a range of experiences and sets of skills and knowledge that aim to nurture students to be confident leaders and active citizens with Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.



  • CCE Lessons
  • Values In Action (VIA) Programme
    • Local VIA, Overseas VIA and Activism
  • National Education (NE) Programme
    • Commemoration of NE events
    • Experiential Learning Journeys
    • Dialogues with senior civil servants


Character & Citizenship EducationLessons   

One hour a week is set aside during curriculum time as Home Tutor Period (HTP) to teach Values, Knowledge and Skills for Character & Citizenship. 

The Home Tutor Period aims to develop:

  1. Social and Emotional Competencies such as self and social awareness, self and relationship management skills and knowledge to help students make informed and responsible decisions; and 
  2. Citizenship Competencies such as civic literacy, global awareness and cross-cultural skills to enable students to acquire 21st Century skills as global citizens. 

A progressive approach is adopted in in planning the HTP schedule to meet the differing needs of our students over the three years.  Lessons cover values, Social and Emotional skills, Sexuality Education, Education and Career Guidance, Cyber Wellness, National Education and Values In Action.


Values In Action (VIA) Programme

Values in Action (VIA) Day, Overseas VIA (OVIA) and Activism projects are platforms of the VIA programme that encourage the spirit of service-learning and activism among students, as well as to help foster civic responsibility and cross-cultural literacy skills. Through these learning experiences, students develop their self-management, social awareness and relationship management skills, and demonstrate the Institute’s core values of Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Resilience.


  • VIA Day

This is held annually as an Institute-wide community involvement project. Based on a Service-Learning framework, students assess and implement plans to meet needs in their community, with guidance and support from their Home Tutors and the VIA Committee. Past projects include a HDB Estate Outreach on the importance of recycling, a Primary School Outreach on anti-littering and dengue prevention and student-initiated VIA projects to various welfare organisations.

  • Overseas VIA (OVIA)

The Institute has, over the years, embarked on various OVIA projects to countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Philippines. The OVIA programme provides a platform for students to engage with communities beyond the local context and reflect on pressing community, national and global issues. It also imbues in students a sense of social responsibility and sense of appreciation for Singapore through actively contributing to improving the lives of others in the region.

  • Activism Projects

To provide ownership, engagement and empowerment, students are encouraged to champion and lead in community involvement projects and environmental projects. This promotes student activism for social and environmental causes which improves the lives of others. Past projects include a mentoring programme in a primary school, befriending the elderly, and fund-raising for a cause. 


National Education (NE) Programme 


  • Commemoration of NE events

The commemorations of the four core NE events (Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day, and National Day) are based on four defining moments in Singapore's history. Such commemorations promote multicultural and social awareness among students and nurture them into responsible citizens who are rooted in Singapore and committed to family.

  • Experiential Learning Journeys and Dialogue Sessions

Visits to Parliament in session, Dialogues with Office Holders or Senior Civil Servants and experiential Learning Journeys aim to deepen students’ understanding of Singapore’s policies and practices. These help students to better understand and appreciate how Singapore has overcome her constraints to achieve First World standing as well as her current achievements and challenges.