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Academic Assessment Schedule & Homework Policy


This schedule is collated to allow advanced preparation by students, and is meant for parents and students of the Institute. Please do note that the following schedules are subject to minor changes subject to the teaching schedule.

  • Click here to see the 2018 PU3 Preliminary Examination schedule.
  • Click here to see the 2018 PU2 End-of-Year Examination schedule.
  • Click here to see the 2018 PU1 End-of-Year Examination schedule.


Definition of Homework

Homework refers to any learning activity that students are required by the school to complete outside of curriculum time.  This includes assignments and projects but not revision of school work or studying for tests and examinations.

Objectives of Homework

Homework, when used appropriately, can reinforce students’ learning, provide feedback on their progress and cultivate a healthy disposition towards continual learning.  

Effective use of homework can:

(a) reinforce learning and deepen understanding of lessons taught;

(b) allow students to regularly practise, and apply skills and concepts taught;

(c) develop good study skills and habits; and

(d) encourage greater ownership and responsibility for independent learning.

Homework also provides parents with:

(a) timely information on the learning progress of their child; and

(b) opportunity to be involved in the child’s learning.

Roles and Responsibilities of Students and Parents

Students should:

(a) understand the purpose of homework and what is expected of them;

(b) keep track of homework instructions and deadlines;

(c) manage time well to ensure that homework is completed and submitted on time;

(d) give his/her best effort in completing homework; and

(e) review feedback from teachers on homework submitted.

Parents should:

(a) create a home environment conducive for studying and completion of homework;

(b) supervise and provide support for child’s learning;

(c) reinforce good study habits and attitudes;

(d) be mindful of the stresses arising from school homework and out-of-school activities, and help their children prioritise their time among these activities; and

(e) work in partnership with teachers to support child’s learning and development.

Guidelines for Homework Allocation

The institute regularly collects and reviews the number of hours required to complete the assignments of an average student, to ensure that the amount of work assigned is within the recommended weekly time norm across similar schools.

The hours may vary according to the type and subject taken by the student. On average, each MI student should expect approximately 2-3 hours’ worth of assignments on a daily basis.