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European Union Ambassador Visit to Millennia Institute


On 12 April, MI welcomed Her Excellency Ambassador Barbara Plinkert from the European Union (EU) Delegation to Singapore to engage in a dialogue with the Pre-University 3 students.   

During the dialogue, Millennians learnt about the EU's efforts to ensure good diplomatic relations with Singapore and ASEAN. Millennians asked the Ambassador about collaborative efforts between the two regions to tackle climate change and the pandemic.  

After the dialogue, Millennians shared their school experiences with the Ambassador as Her Excellency toured the newly revamped Mindspace (Library).  

 "Through the session, we learnt how deeply EU-ASEAN and EU-SG relationships were intertwined. Singapore is indispensable as we are the coordinator between EU and ASEAN, which serves as the gateway for EU's entry into the East Asian market."  
 ~ Teo Yi Teng Nicole 19A1