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2021 SYF Achievements

Congratulations to our Symphonic Band for clinching the Certificate of Accomplishment at SYF 2021 Arts Presentation!

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The MI Symphonic Band channelled their spirit animal, the eagle, and exhibited strength, determination and sheer hard work in their SYF journey to achieve a Certificate of Accomplishment at the recent SYF Arts Presentation 2021. 

"Our SYF entry is 'Where Eagles Soar' by Steven Reineke. The leitmotif of the composition is the moment of enlightenment when one realizes that each of us has a responsibility to use our unique gifts to enrich each other's lives. As the bandsmen motivated and encouraged one another to stay focused on the goal we had set for ourselves, no matter how arduous the circumstances were, I realised that we were not only playing a composition but living out the ethos of this symphonic masterpiece. Like the eagle that was meant to soar, we now know we are destined to uplift one another!

On behalf of the band, I would like to thank our teachers, Mr Dillon, Ms Thia and Mr Thiang, as well as our conductor, Ms Dorean Tan, for being the wind beneath our wings!" ~ Huang Ziwei, President of MISB, 19S4 

Congratulations to our Dance team for clinching the Certificate of Accomplishment at SYF 2021 Arts Presentation!


"The ultimate measure of a person is where one stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

By this measure, our Modern Dance team is worth its weight in gold. We are immensely proud of the fact that they not only dexterously adapted to the constraints imposed by safe management measures on their SYF preparation, but also supported each other through injuries on performance day to achieve a Certificate of Accomplishment at the SYF Arts Presentation 2021. 

"SYF 2021 was an experience like no other for the Modern Dance team. We faced difficulties such as attending practices in smaller groups and having shorter hours. But we quickly learned that there ain't no mountain high enough to keep us from our SYF dreams as long as we kept our spirits up, leaned on each other through tough times and had the love and support of our teachers, Mr Ang, Ms Zaibah and Mr Tay and instructor, Ms Charmaine!" ~ Nabilah, 20MI02

Congratulations to our Angklung Kulintang Ensemble for clinching the Certificate of Distinction at SYF 2021 Arts Presentation!


The Angklung Kulintang Ensemble bagged a Distinction at the recent SYF Arts Presentation but they had long captured our hearts with their teamwork and tenacity by overcoming the challenges along the way. Congratulations!

Lim En Tong (19S5), President of the Angklung Kulintang Ensemble, reflects on their SYF experience:
"Despite receiving our scores in January, we worked together as an ensemble to overcome the time constraint. We constantly helped, motivated and encouraged one another, even on days when we felt discouraged. In doing so, our SYF piece, Moto Perpetuo, which means perpetual motion, also became our anthem and the most valuable lesson learnt through our journey; to keep on going regardless of the adversities we face."

Congratulations to our Cultural Societies (Malay Dance) for clinching the Certificate of Distinction at SYF 2021 Arts Presentation! 

We are proud to announce that Malay Dance was awarded a Distinction at the recent SYF Arts Presentation!⁣
We found out from Muhaimin, the President of Malay Arts Group the challenges that they had to overcome during their training.⁣
"It wasn't an easy journey right from the start. We had to go online for our practices with our instructor and it was difficult for us to visualise whatever we are supposed to do. Once we were able to have face-to-face training sessions, we started to catch up as much as we could, despite our members not having a dance background. There were also days where everyone was feeling down and couldn't focus much. However, we realised the urgency upon knowing the actual day of our performance. With the help of our instructor and teachers, we were able to see our strengths and weaknesses, and therefore be motivated and keep on improving."