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Release of 2019 A-Level Results

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The release of the A-Level results this year took on a slightly different format due to precautionary measures taken in the light of COVID-19. While the format might have changed this year for safety reasons, the A-Level results release day remained a time to affirm the hard work and celebrate the successes of the students. Mrs Tan Wan Yu, our Principal, also delivered her address virtually and congratulated the 2019 cohort for their good performance through a pre-recorded video. 

Our seniors did very well and many of them were eligible for admission to a local university. Our teachers were therefore understandably proud of the students’ performance. Mr Wong Jia Sheng, who taught H2 Mathematics to the PU3 cohort in 2019, remarked that the students were resolute and worked steadily in preparation for the A-Level examinations. He added that the students took the initiative to ask for help when necessary, and that the teachers were happy to guide them accordingly. 

Tracy Soh Jia Xi from 17S3 (in photo: first row, third from left), one of the top performers, told us that she had not expected to do so well. Her A-Level journey had been filled with uncertainty, with many ups and downs. When asked what had helped her the most, Tracy emphasised the importance of staying focused and clarifying confusing and difficult concepts as soon as possible. She also stressed the importance of regular practice, which helped her to sharpen her skills and improve in the areas she found challenging. 

Sanchay from 17C5 (in photo: third row, second from right), another outstanding senior of ours, also demonstrated true MI mettle in his journey leading to the A Levels. Sanchay had to take care of his mother who was unwell while juggling his school commitments, including academic and co-curricular ones. Balancing these responsibilities was not always easy for him: he often felt anxious about his mother’s condition, which made it hard for him to focus on his studies. What ultimately kept him going was his desire to make his mother proud and to work hard for a good future for his family. Sanchay’s advice to Millennians? “Seize every opportunity you get to improve yourself. These opportunities will help you build your character in unimaginable ways. I was blessed with the leadership opportunities I was given as they helped me develop to become a responsible and resilient man.” 

We should certainly celebrate and take pride in our seniors’ achievements. But what they share with us is more than that. Our seniors demonstrate to us how our beliefs and values play a critical role in success, as they do not only influence how we tackle the obstacles we face in life, but also how we seize and create opportunities in a ‘volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous’ world. We wish the class of 2019 all the best as they go on to their next adventure!

Written by Gan Teng Han, Doman (18C3) and Lee Zhuo Leng, Oliver (19C2)

“Seize every opportunity you get to improve yourself. These opportunities will help you build your character in unimaginable ways.” 
– Sanchay (17C5)