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Outstanding MI Alumni

Millennia Institute is proud to announce the achievements of our alumni:

Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award, NTU

Dinesh Prem Nair (07A4), BA (History) 1st Class Honours, who achieved GPA 5.0 for two consecutive years

2016 NTU Valedictorian 

Bok Zhong Ming (07B2), BA (Chinese) 1st Class Honours, who is now a part-time DJ at 95.8FM after his internship

MOE Teaching Award

Maybellina Lim Hui Ying (07A3), NTU Mass Communication

Ho Yu Hui Adeline (08A1), BA (Chinese) 1st Class Honours, who repeated PU3 in MI, but thrived after her second attempt at the A Level Examinations

University Scholars Programme
1. Ong Bee Hui (08B3) 
    BBA (Accounting) Honours
2. Jonathan Liatrakul (06A2)
    BA (Social Science) Honours

In 2016, more MI students have gotten into the University Scholars Programme.
1. Brandon Lau (MI Valedictorian), who was offered the NUS USP double degree, and he will be spending his first two years in France studying Political Science
2. Jaypy Pillay (MI Valedictorian), who was offered Yale NUS and SMU Law
3. Ben Yang Ben, who was offered NUS USP Economics

Millennia Institute congratulates our outstanding alumni!