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In June 2014, 139 of our PU2 Principles of Accounting at A-Levels (PAA) students sat for the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce & Industry) Level 2 Book-keeping & Accounts examination, the award ceremony for which was held in September 2015. Millennia Institute encourages our Accounting students to sit for the LCCI exam as its syllabus is aligned with Paper 1 of the PAA exam. Taking the LCCI examination gives our students an edge as they gain confidence and experience in an external examination setting. Indeed, past records have shown that there is a positive correlation between adistinction obtained in the LCCI examination and an A/B grade obtained in the GCE A-Levels. Millennia Institute congratulates two of our students who have won awards for their outstanding performance in the 2014 examination. The Country Gold and Country Silver medals are awarded to local candidates who have scored the highest and second highest marks respectively among the entire batch of 900 candidates from Singapore, while the World Silver medal is awarded to the candidate who scored the second highest marks among 8,000 candidates from more than 70 countries. This is the second year running that students from Millennia Institute have managed to attain these same prestigious awards.

Shirley Pang Xin Ying
Country Gold & World Silver (98 marks)
Melanie Lau Shu Ning
Country Silver (96 marks)