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Footprints to University

With the increase in global competitiveness and innovation, universities in Singapore are gaining more recognition and strengthening their position in the global education market. Singapore, with its combination of high-ranking universities, high quality of life, and diverse student community, recently secured 15th place in the 2015 QS Best Student Cities. There are currently 5 local universities in Singapore, namely the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and Singapore University of Technology and Design (STUD). These local universities offer undergraduate programmes that adequately prepare students for their future.

For NUS, 12 interesting faculties are offered to students, and potential students planning to pursue a degree in NUS can choose to pursue double major, double degrees, joint degree, concurrent degree, special and part time programme. This allows students to diversify and pursue multiple interests that they may have. In addition, five modules in the first semester would not be graded, to encourage students to have an educational experience beyond one major.

Likewise, NTU offers a range of undergraduate programmes including double degree, integrated, part-time, premier scholars and special programmes. The university also provides conducive learning spaces, comfortable accommodation that are equipped facilities, and convenient transportation. In fact, according to the 2014 Graduate Employment Survey, NTU graduates are well-known for receiving the highest first pay among all university graduates in Singapore.

Ranking among the world’s leading providers of education in the fields of accounting and finance, computer science, economics, law and statistics, SMU places a very strong emphasis on training students to be professionals in their own respective fields. This training is able to cultivate students to be confident and articulate individuals who have the capacity to hold discussions and be fluent during presentations, inculcating in them the communication skills that are much needed in the globalised world today.

SIM University offers 4 disciplines and 5 categories of special programmes. A variety of scholarships are available for students to have more opportunities to develop their full potential in their university life.

Lastly, STUD offers 5 clusters of degrees mainly specialised in both technology and design. Several exciting and unique programmes are offered for students, with the aim of nurturing students into innovative thinkers. Furthermore, STUD has collaborated with more than 250 leading industry partners thus far, and these partners are offering unique hands-on experience for students.

As such, there are plenty of rich and engaging undergraduate programmes offered in Singapore, and making the right choice makes all the difference. As Monson says, “By choosing our path, we choose our Destination.”