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Career Fair 2015: MOE Teaching Scholarship

The annual career fair was held in Millennia Institute on 5 August 2015. Many higher education institutions such as NTU were to give talks about different courses offered.

One of the lectures held were given to promote the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP). This newly launched programme provides alternative ways for individuals who aspire to become a teacher. TSP is a prestigious award for outstanding young persons with a passion and calling to be professional leaders in education. The Teaching Scholars Programme sits on a 4-year multi-disciplinary undergraduate programme, where students are expected to take part in both content and educational research. It also offers a wide range of education-related and overseas opportunities. Moreover, TSP students are given the chance to be part of a close community of exceptionally motivated and talented educators. It aims to produce graduates with intellectual rigour, strong leadership, and global perspective to make significant contributions in education.

During the lecture, many myths and misconceptions of teaching were also debunked. Firstly, many people think that NTU-NIE is a less prestigious institute, when in reality it is ranked 39th in the world in QS ranking and 1st in the QS top universities under 50 years. In addition, NTU/NIE is a top-ranked teacher education institute, being 10th in the world’s QS ranking and 2nd in Asia in QS ranking. Furthermore, NTU/NIE has secured partnerships with many elite universities such as Harvard University and University of Cambridge. Secondly, many believe that a teaching degree in NTU-NIE limits their choices in the future if they ever want to change their career paths. However, this is not the case as NIE’s degree is not a Bachelor of Education degree, but in fact, it is a Bachelor of Arts (Education) or Bachelor of Science (Education) degree. Meaning to say, by taking up NIE’s degree, it would be equivalent to taking up other degrees (e.g. Bachelor of Arts in NUS) with an additional diploma which qualifies one to teach, hence allowing them to also be able to apply for other jobs as well.

Ms Lim Vera, a former Millennia Institute student who is currently a teacher also shared with us her experiences and the reasons that propelled her to become a teacher. Succinctly put by Ms Lim, “To make a difference, you have to first be the difference”.