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Returning Singaporeans

Returning Singaporean students who intend to pursue their pre-university education in Millennia Institute must follow the application procedures outlined below. Each step in the application process must be completed in order to ensure the student's smooth admission into Millennia Institute, subject to availability of vacancy.



1. Submit application for 2019 Admission

A returning Singaporean student will need to submit the Admission Application Form   (with all the necessary supporting documents) and Pupil Data Form (obtainable from Millennia Institute General Office). You may refer to the possible subject combination for the choice of options. The forms must be submitted in person and must reach the school before the given deadline.


The closing date for application for 2019 admission by Returning Singaporeans is 15TH JANUARY 2019, TUES, 12 NOON .  Any application received after the closing date will not be considered.  All applicants are required to sit for SPERS-JC/MI or J-PACT admission tests on English and Mathematics conducted by an external agency Principal Academy .


Applicants who are interested in offering H2 Mother Tongue, H1 General Studies in Chinese, H2 Mathematics, Literature in English and Science subjects may be required to sit for relevant placement tests organised by the school in addition to the SPERS-JC/MI or J-PACT admission tests (if applicable).

2. Placement Tests

Placement Test Date: 18TH JANUARY 2019

Time:  9 am, report to the General Office Reception Counter