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Our young artists and their achievements!

 Millennia Institute has once again shown that we are a school that nurtures a climate that holistically develops our students. In 2014, our Arts students did the school proud after their art works were chosen to be exhibited and used in a number of events,


    First, our students have proven that MI is a place where students are talented, not just academically but also aesthetically. 11A1's Clara Cheong Yu Zhen received a Certificate of Recognition in this year's SYF 2014 Art Exhibition after she conceptualised a stunning art piece that unites the ethereal nature of philosophy and the transcendent nature of art. Her artwork entitled 'Plato's Aquarium', was inspired by the allegory of Plato's cave. It an an examination and exploration of human perception and our inner worlds. This work explores on the idea of humans as prisoners and it is impossible to for us to break out of this self created world. With the use of multiple layers and water as metaphor, this work expresses how we co-exist in this complex, fluid, chaotic yet isolated world. It was exhibited at LASALLE with the other shortlisted artworks and featured in the catalogue.

Listen to Clara introduce her artwork by clicking on this youtube link:



2) PAssion Arts Festival 2014 - Top 10 Works of Wonder Award.

Furthermore, our students showed that beyond individual accomplisments, they are able to be leaders and thinkers when our MI Art Club spearheaded a community art sculpture project called Ties That Bind - Places, Faces and Memories. In collaboration with Hong Kah North Community Arts and Culture Club, artist Terence Lin, Jurong West Sec and Westwood Sec, the Art Club created a unique piece of art that is both elegant and meaningful. The sculpture was exhibited at the "Singapore W.O.W” ! A Visual Arts Exhibition on the 16-17 Aug at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.





3) Singapore Kindness Movement - Concept Train Design Competition


Finally, beyond working with youths, our students show that they are citizens that are concerned with larger social movements that are critical to Singaore. 3 students from the Art Club have been selected by the Singapore Kindness Movement and SMRT for their contribution to promoting kindness in train stations and their designs will be adapted to be featured and credited on the MRT in September 2014. The artwork will be displayed in train cabins so keep your eyes peeled for this wonderful piece of work!


The students are:

 Lim Kun Yi (14S2), for his concept of "Kindness is in our DNA".                                                                

 Liyana Kaiyisah (14S3), for her concept of "Kindness starts with K".


 Loke Mun Mun (13A2), for her concept of "Kindness Grows From Within".                  


2014 YMCA MSA Silver Award

The 8th Mandarin Speaking Awards (MSA), held in April this year, was jointly organised by the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), Ministry of Education, and Promote Mandarin Council.  The objectives of the YMCA MSA are to improve communication skills and build self-confidence among Youth in the use of Mandarin. 

Our students Chen Yizhao (14B7) and Chu Maojun (13S5) participated in the competition and won the Silver Award. 

Congratulations to Yizhao and Maojun for their achievement. 

938LIVE Campus Talk Show@Millennia Institute


Radio 938LIVE visited Millennia Institute on the 15th of August to discuss the topic "What is the role Youth play in nation building? How can Youth of today contribute to our country?"  

About 60 students from PU1 and 2 participated in the CAMPUS Radio Talk Show, which aims to feature the voices of youths on pertinent issues concerning them.  Sitting in the panel were Professor Kevin Y L Tan, Adjunct Professor at the NUS Faculty of Law, our alumni Mr Ng Bin Hong who has graduated from NUS Law school this year and is a REACH-NUS Ambassador, teacher representative Ms Nuradilah Binte Ramlan who teaches History and is also teacher-in-charge of the Institute’s National Education Council, and a student representative, Tessa Nah Yin Yin, who is a PU2 student.    In the hour long broadcast, both students and panel speakers aired their views on the importance of nation-building programmes, policies and initiatives. Top down approaches were challenged while grassroot movements promoting national identity were given rousing support. This discussion allowed students to remodel existing paradigms of nationhood and weaved disparate threads of ideas into a cogent tapestry of knowledge.

Ro-botics Ro-lled to Victory!



The Millennia Institute Robotics Team scored a victory in the recent VEX Robotics Championship, Team MIElite came away with high scores for creativity and innovation in the design of their VEX robot, securing the Judges Award in the process. The School would like to congratulate the following winners:

13B2 Wesley Ang Xiang Wei

13S4 Ng Jian Yang

13S5 Gay Chao Wei

14B1 Goh Kai Sheng

14S2 Kilaparthi Aravind Rao

Teacher IC: Teoh Hock Meng

MI candidates excelled in LCCI Level 2 Book-keeping & Accounts Examination 2013

 2013 LCCI Awards sThe Institute congratulates the Business Department for garnering excellent results in the 2013 LCCI (LONDON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY) LEVEL 2 BOOK-KEEPING & ACCOUNTS EXAMINATION. 

All of the 33 candidates passed the exam, and 27 of them obtained a Distinction grade. Ghang Chaeweon (13B1) won a Country Silver medal, and Eunice Lim Rato (13B5) won not only the Country Gold medal, but also the World Silver medal.  

Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers Award

Hui ChenThe Institute congratulates Ms See Hui Zhen who is an awardee of the Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers Award this year.  The award ceremony was held on 11 June, 2014.  

In an interview with Lian He Zao Bao, Ms See said that, “An increasing number of students come from English-speaking families; some do not have a good grasp of the language, some are not interested in it.  This is a challenge to me as a teacher, but I choose to look at it positively - this motivates me to teach creatively.”(translated)  



MI Parent Support Group Event- Parent & Child bonding activity at MacRitchie's Tree Top Walk

Millennia Institute's Parent Support Group (MI PSG) is organising a Parent & Child bonding activity at MacRitchie's Tree Top Walk. 
Details as follows -
 Date: 5 April 2014, Saturday
Time: 8.30 am to 10.30 am
Meeting point: Venus Drive Carpark
Programme include: Breakfast, games and a nature walk 
Do sign up with your child and join us for a fun-filled Saturday morning, exercising and getting to know fellow parents and students from MI. 
Registration closes 30 March 2014. 
Click on this link to sign up now! 
Hope to see you there! 

Gracious Millennians Endorsed by the Public

Recently, the Institute had the pleasure of receiving letters from members of the public who were heartened to witness gracious behaviour exhibited by Millennians.

In one of these letters, Ms Mary Tan highlighted the helpful behaviour of Elean Ng (12S2) at a food court, who took the initiative to help Ms Tan with her food order upon seeing her difficulty with hand-carry load.

In another letter, Mr Gary Cooper applauded the empathy and sportsmanship displayed by members of the Millennian football team when a member of the opposing team suffered injury. He witnessed how our boys carried the injured student off the pitch and how the MI teacher also pitched in to help. Mr Cooper cited these acts as evidence of 'true values of sportsmanship and respect that have been excellently portrayed by [the MI] students'.

May these letters, which were shared with Millennians during morning assembly on 14th March, encourage and inspire us all to continue as civic minded ambassadors of the Institute.

Term 2 Topical Test Schedule and March Holiday Lesson Schedule

Dear Parents and Students, the schedules for Term 2 Topical Tests as well as March Holiday Lessons are attached.

March Holiday Lessons 2014.

Topical Test Schedule for Semester One 2014

MI Awarded 2nd Place in 2014 Budget Quiz

Millennia Institute is pleased to announce our achievement in the ‘Budget Quiz 2014’, a competition opened to all secondary schools, junior colleges and centralised institute organised by the Ministry of Finance.

Comprising a series of weekly quizzes culminating in a final quiz that ended on 17 February 2014, the quiz challenged students on their knowledge of the national budget for 2014.

Thanks to our students’ consistent effort in contributing quality answers for the quiz, the Institute has been ranked 2nd in the Junior College category. Congratulations, Millennians!

2014 Orientation

To introduce Millennia Institute’s culture and values to new students
To provide a smooth transition for students to post- secondary education in Millennia Institute
To cultivate a stronger school spirit
To forge new friendships among students

Theme: Olympus
To be resilient and strive forward through obstacles and to persevere despite the challenges ahead like the gods and goddesses of Olympus.

Students will be grouped into 4 Clans, each representing an important value of learning:
Hermes- Communication & Innovation
Apollo- Knowledge & Truth
Artemis- Hunting & Protection
Hera- Peace & Unity

Programme highlights

6 Feb 2014 

0730-1330 hr

Principal’s Welcome Address

Mapping My Future (MMF) Mass lecture

School Safety Talk

Pastoral & Financial matters Talk

School Song & Cheer

7 Feb 2014

0730-2100 hr

Muslim boys will be excused for orientation from 1245-1430 for Friday prayers

Mapping My Future (Classroom)

Subject Talk

CCA Open House

Night Activities

Parents’ Night

10 Feb 2014

0730-1730 hr

MI Campaign Talk

Skills Foundation and Bridging Programme Talk

CCD & Activism Talk

Amazing Race

Mass Games

11 Feb 2014


National Education Games

MI Dance and Cheer

Finale Performance

Prize Presentation & Montage

Orientation Survey

Reporting instructions:

Report in FULL SCHOOL UNIFORM of your secondary school with covered footwear (White/ black/ dark blue based canvas/ track shoes) at 0730 am at the school hall.
International or Direct Admission students may report in PLAIN tee- shirt and jeans (black/ dark blue) on the first day.

Things to bring:

1. $30 for orientation package
2. Writing materials
3. Extra set of PE/ Sports attire daily
4. Water bottle

MI school uniform and PE attire will be on sale from 6 Feb 2014 -
Uniform: Blouse + Skirt ($30.50), Shirt + Pants ($40)
PE attire: Shirt + Shorts ($15) 


Invitation to PU1 Parents' Night 2014

Millennia Institute and the Parents Support Group warmly welcome you and your child/ward to the MI family. As your child begins his/her next education pursuit, we would like to invite you to attend the following two events on 7 Feb, Friday, from 6pm onwards. 

1. Parents Support Group Lo Hei (Prosperity Toss) event 
Date: 7 Feb 2014 (Friday)
Time: 6 pm
Venue: MI Canteen
Programme: Join your child/ward's orientation group in the Lo Hei and have opportunities to interact with other parents. 
2. PU1 Parents' Night
 Date: 7 Feb 2014 (Friday)
Time: 6.30 pm
Venue: MI Centerstage
  • MI Corporate Video
  • Principal's talk
  • Sharing by Parents Support Group
  • Q&A session 

Event Calendar

Calendar of Key Events in 2014

Term 1 (06 Jan to 14 Mar)



JAE Registration

13/1 – 17/1

MI Open House


MIAA Dialogue with PU3


CNY Celebration


JAE Parents dialogue with Principal


PU1 Orientation

6/2 – 11/2

JAE Parents Night


Skill Foundation & Bridging Programme

12/2 – 14/2

Commemoration of Total Defence Day


PU2/3 Common Test

17/2 – 21/2

PU2 Art Elective Programme


MI.World Launch


PU1 SEL Camp

6/3 – 7/3

Target setting and review (PU2 & PU3)

6/3 – 12/3

PU2 Team Building Day


PU3 Seminar

Release of 2014 PW tasks to students


English Week

10/3 – 14/3

PU2/3 Parents Day


PU1 I & E Training

17/3 – 18/3

Student Leaders Camp


Term 2 (24 Mar to 30 May)



MI Run 2014

28/3 (AM)

MT Fortnight

31/3 – 11/4

A Level Pre-Registration PU2/3

2/4 – 4/4

A Level Registration PU2/3

7/4 – 17/4

International Friendship Day


Activism Week

14/4 – 17/4

Blood Donation Drive


PW Final Submission for PI




Earth Week

21/4 – 25/4

I & E Week

28/4 – 2/5

Awards Day cum Student Leaders’ Investiture


PU3 H1 MTL and MTB Prelim 1


PU3 Physics SPA

5/5 – 9/5

Issue of Subject Tutors’ Report


Institute Day


PU3 Biology SPA

12/5 – 16/5

Homecoming Games Day

16/5 (evening)

PU3 Chemistry SPA

19/5 – 23/5

End of CCA for PU3


PU1 GP Promo 1


PU2 GP, H1 MTL, H2 MTL & MTB Promo 1

PU3 GP, H2 MTL Prelim 1

A Level Mid Year MTL B Exam

2/6 – 3/6

Pre-U Seminar

2/6 – 5/6


Term 3 (30 Jun to 05 Sep)



Distribution of A Level Entry Proofs for PU2/3


PU1/2 Promo 1

30/6 – 11/7

PU3 Prelim 1

A Level Mid Year MTL B Oral Exam

8/7 – 23/7

Night Study Programme

14/7 – 28/8

Commemoration of Racial Harmony Day


A Level MTL LC Exam


Hari Raya Celebrations


PW Final Submission for EOM

Target setting and review (PU3)

24/7 – 1/8

PU1/2/3 Parents Day


IHL & Career Fair

6/8 (PM)

National Day Celebration


PU2 Biology SPA

12/8 – 15/8

Inter-House Games PU1 & 2

13/8 & 15/8

PU2 Physics SPA

18/8 – 22/8



CCA stand down for PU1 & 2

PU2 Chemistry SPA

25/8 – 29/8

PU2 Promo 2

1/9 – 3/9

Term 4 (5 Sep to 14 Nov)



PU3 Prelim 2

15/9 – 26/9

PU2 Promo 2

15/9 – 23/9

PU2 Marking Day


A Level Year End MTL B Oral Exam


PU3 Marking Day


PU1 Promo 2

29/9 – 10/10

PW Final Submission for WR


PU1 Job Experience Week

13/10 – 17/10

PU1 Marking Days

14/10 - 15/10

PU2 Promo Exercise

15/10 (PM)

PU1 Learning Journey


PU3 Appreciation Tea

PU1 Art Elective Programme

21/10 – 24/10

Deepavali Celebrations


Target setting and review (PU1 & PU2)

22/10 – 31/10

Issue of PU2 results slips


A Level MTL Exam


PU1 Promo Exercise