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Department: Mathematics
Millennia Institute's Mathematics Department offers H1& H2 Mathematics under the latest MOE GCE A-Level curriculum.

Key thrusts of the department include:
  1. Differentiated learning
  2. Inculcating student 21 st century skills
  3. Teaching excellence

Key Programmes:

Differentiated Learning, via:

  • “Project Ace” Enrichment Programme for high-ability students
  • Bridging Program for H2 students without O-Level A-Math
  • Inculcating 21 st century skills such as critical and inventive thinking, communication, collaboration and information skills, via pedagogy such as:
    • Team Based Learning
    • Productive Failure
  • Teaching Excellence, via:
    • Cross-agency co-research with National Institute of Education
    • Peer lesson observations
    • Comprehensive induction and competency baselines for all new teachers