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Celebrating the Class of 2020’s A-Levels Achievements

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The top performers from our faMIly with our School Leaders

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”

- Arthur Ashe    

2020 featured many disruptions which upended life as we knew it. While changes had to be made to ensure that we kept each other safe, such adaptations were not without their challenges. The Class of 2020 stayed true to their purpose and met these challenges head-on, demonstrating one of the Institution’s core values of resilience. In so doing, they achieved a highly commendable set of results. The Institution offers our heartiest congratulations to the Class of 2020 for their results and is proud of their determination to fulfil their aspirations of academic excellence against all odds. All the best for your onward journeys! May our core values enable you to savor success in every endeavor you set your hearts on!

Special mention goes to 16 students who achieved more than 80 points for their University Admission Score:

1. Chan Shao Wei
2. Dian Qurratu’ Aini Bte A R
3. Nur Syahirah Bte Salimin
4. Mary Francesca L. Mike
5. S Nurathirah S Jumat
6. Tan Soo Ching
7. Mak Zhen Wei, Kenneth
8. Chia Zhen Long, Russell
9. Darshan s/o Ravujee
10. Aglaia Chee Ci Ning
11. Ram Shekar s/o Kuna Shekar
12. Rowell Raphael Torres F
13. Zane Li Xian Zhang
14. Lim Jian Cheng, Nicholas
15. Rachel Ng Jean Hwee
16. Nuur Hasanah Bte Noor Azman

In the wake of the ‘A’ Levels results, members of the Class of 2020 have served as bright sparks and inspiration for their schoolmates and the wider community as the stories of their extraordinary ‘A’ Levels journey are shared by the media. Here’s a brief introduction to three of our bright sparks. You may read more about them in the appended links.

Ahmat Firz bin Zukifli

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When he was in primary school, Ahmat was diagnosed with dyslexia, which affected his learning and attention span. Despite his condition, Ahmat continued to strive for excellence in his learning. He managed his condition by reading his notes before lessons and seeking consultations with teachers to clear his doubts after.

Ahmat’s intellectual curiosity motivated him to explore disciplines beyond the ‘A’ levels syllabus. He signed up for online courses ranging from Harvard Medical School’s Pharmacology course to UCLouvain’s International Law course. His firm belief that he would not be limited by dyslexia enabled Ahmat to balance his existing academic load while committing to these online courses. 

With insights gleaned from his online courses, Ahmat realized that good governance and international affairs could make a positive difference to people’s lives. Ahmat’s devotion to academic excellence earned him a place to read Public Policy and Global Affairs at the Nanyang Technological University through the university’s Early Admissions Exercise.

Learn more about Ahmat’s journey:

Siti Nurathirah S Jumat

Siti Nurathirah S Jumat.jpg
Siti Nurathirah repeated PU1 as a result of being very playful in her first year of study and in not having the motivation to excel.

With encouragement from her teachers, her classmates and her CCA team mates in the Girls Soccer team in the following year, she gained clarity in her focus.

This disciplined approach to studying enabled Siti to triumph over her challenges during the period of extended Home Based Learning, brought about as a result of the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker. Siti’s humble family background, made it necessary for her to cope with challenging studying conditions, as she had 7 other family members packed into a 3-room flat. As a result, she had to tune out the distractions from being in a crowded, often noisy and restricted space to concentrate on her online lessons. Despite the trying circumstances, she soldiered on and even set up online study groups to motivate her CCA team mates to keep pace with their work during this period.

Her progression through the last three years has been nothing short of remarkable. Siti credits her achievements to the nurturing environment in school, which reframed her approach to disciplined inquiry and application. She is also grateful for the numerous opportunities that she was presented with as a student in MI, that shaped her leadership skills and made her a confident and self-assured young woman.

Find out more about Siti’s journey:

Ram Shekar s/o Kuna Shekar

Ram Shekar so Kuna Shekar.png
Ram seeks excellence in learning, especially in the field of Geography. His progression through the years in the school has been consistent. This is indicative of the maturity with which he approaches his work. For his aptitude in the subject and interest in research studies, Ram was selected to offer H3 Geopolitics at the National University of Singapore.

The journey to the ‘A’ Levels was not smooth-sailing for Ram. He had to grapple with the unfamiliarity of Home-Based-Learning and online lessons for his H3 subject. Ram also became unwell during the last lap of his ‘A’ Levels journey, succumbing to the stress induced by the frenetic pace of his exam preparation.

Still, his drive and strong growth mindset enabled him to bridge gaps in a short period of time and progress towards achieving excellence for the A-Levels.  Ram eventually went on to score a Distinction for his H3 module at the 2020 GCE A-levels. He also bagged 5 As and a B for his other A-level subjects, making him one of the top students of Millennia Institute.

Ram credits his achievements to the dedication and guidance given by his teachers and the plethora of opportunities that he was offered by the Institute, enabling him to fulfil his potential.

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