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Financial Assistance Schemes

Millennia Institute has put in place a process to identify students who need financial assistance. We administer a household survey at the beginning of the year to identify students who qualify for various financial assistance schemes as well as to determine the level of subsidy for enrichment programmes, study trips and purchase of computers via the NEU PC Plus Programme.

There are three broad categories of financial assistance schemes for eligible Millennians. They are:

  1. Ministry of Education Financial Assistance Scheme (MOE FAS)
  2. Institute Advisory Committee Financial Assistance Scheme (IAC FAS)
  3. External Bursaries

The schemes we offer ensure that none of our students are deprived of any educational opportunities due to financial constraints.



Criteria for MOE FAS:

  • Singapore Citizen
  • Gross Household Income (GHI) not exceeding $2,500 per month OR Per Capita Income (PCI) not exceeding $625 per month

Benefits Under Scheme


Academic Level

Junior College / Pre-U

School Fees

Full waiver of $6.00 per month

Standard Miscellaneous Fees

Full waiver of $13.50 per month


Not Applicable

School Attire

Not Applicable



Transport (From 1 April 2015)

Students taking public transport

$120 transport credit per annum

Students who wish to apply for MOE  FAS can obtain the application form from the General Office. The application forms must be submitted together with the relevant documents to the General Office.  To find out more about the FAS schemes, please approach Ms Ajmoonbeevi at the General Office.