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2014 Achievements



NO. Month Department Event Organiser Achievements
1 Feb IP LCCI-Book Keeping & Accounts Examination LCCI (UK) 1 World Silver (Eunice Lim Rato 13B5), 1 Country Gold (Eunice) & 1 Country Silver (Ghang Chaeweon 13B1)
 2 Mar  CCA   AGNI National Junior College Impersonation - 3rd Prize
 3 Mar CCA  Bowling Singapore National Age Group Championship Bowling Singapore Isabelle Lee (13S3) Representing Singapore
 4 Mar School  Civil Defence Ready Schools Programme SCDF & MOE HQ (SEMPO) Certificate of Participation
 5 Apr IP  CUBE 2013 Award Ceremony  URA  
 6 Apr School Healthy Eating in Schools Programme (HESP) 2013-2014 HPB Award
 7 Apr  CCA National Inter-School Wushu Championship  SSSC  Ler Woon Teng (13S5) - 3rd International Routine Broad Sword, 4th 1st International Routine Cugel. Lynette Tan Guan Ying (13B4) - 4th 1st International Routine Spear
 8 Apr IP/CCA Pre-University Tamil Debate Competition 2014 National Junior College 2nd Runner Up
 9 Apr IP YMCA Mandarin Speaking Competition YMCA Silver Award - Chen Yi Zhao (14B7) & Zhu Mao Jun (13S5)
 10 May CCA  National Inter-School Rugby Championship (Police Cup)  SSSC  Cup 4th Place
 11 May CCA  SYF Art Presentation (Drama) MOE Arts Education Certificate of Achievement
 12 May CCA  National Inter-School Basketball Championship  SSSC  Girls Team 5th Place
 13 May CCA National Inter-School Football Championship Football Association of Singapore Girls Team 4th Place
 14 May  CCA National Inter-School Hockey Championship SSSC Girls Team 4th Place
 15 May  CCA National Inter-School Hockey Championship SSSC Boys Team 4th Place
 16 May IP SMU Young Innovation Challenge SMU Certificate of Participation
 17 May  IP Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers' Awards 2014 LHZB & MOE

Award Winner
(Ms See Hui Chen)

 18  May IP The 7th Chinese Bridge-Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign High School Students Confucius School  

1st Place - Sunita Devi (13S3) & Wong Shi Hui (13A2)
3rd Place - Hayashi Katsuhito (14S3)
Merit Prize - Judy Chua Jia Xin (14A4) & Tey Jin Yee (14B1)

 19 May IP/CCA Yale-NUS Master Class (Model United Nations Conference) Yale-NUS MAster Class Best Delegate - Lena Loke (13A1)
 20  June CCA 11th Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships 2014 Singapore Gymnastics 1st place (Ball routine): Jafni Batrisyia
 21  July  CCA  Singapore Olympic Foundation - Peter Lim Scholarship Singapore Olympic Foundation  Scholarship awardee: Isabelle Lee (13S3)
 22  July  CCA Asian Schools Hockey Championship (Training squad) Asian Schools Sports Federation Representation: Jaypy Pillay (13A3)
 23  July  CCA  The New Paper School Sports Star Award The New Paper Top 10 finalists: Nur Farah Hani (12S3)
 24  July  CCA Singapore International Band Festival Wind Bands Association of Singapore Certificate of Participation
 25  July CCA  Robotics  VEX  Judges Award
 26  July CCA Singapore Youth Festival 2014 Art Exhibition Art Education Branch Certificate of Recognition
 27  July IP/CCA FutureChina Youth Forum - Youth Showdown Business China Certificate of Participation
 28  July School NCS eTA Award (Jun - Dec 2013) NCS Mr Thet Khine - Excellent Technology Assistant
 29  Aug IP Singapore Kindness Movement - SMRT Design Singapore Kindness Movement Selected entries displayed at MRT stations - Lim Kun Yi (14S2), Liyana Kaiyisah (14S3), Loke Mum Mum (13A2)
 30  Aug CCA Facets of .SG Photo-Essay Competition Facets of .SG Organising Committee Top 50 Finalist - Agatha Oei Xing Yin (13B5)
 31  Aug IP Australian Mathematics Competition Australian Mathematics Trust Certificates of Achievement
 32  Sep CCA Singapore Schools Sports Council Colours Award Singapore Schools Sports Council National & West Zone (Individual) Colours
 33  Sep School Inspiring Teacher of English Award Speak Good English Movement Mdm Shamala Maheswaran
 34  Nov School Academy Awards for Professional Development 2014 Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) Associate of the Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) - Mr Kelvin Yew Yeu Weng